If your clients intend to carry out building work which involves:

⦁ Work on an existing wall shared with another property

⦁ Building on the boundary with a neighboring property

⦁ Excavating near a neighboring building

…..they must find out whether the work falls within the scope of the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

Alan Riley Associates provides free advice to architects, designers, contractors and developers at the early planning stage on whether notice is required and if so which notices will need to be served.

Here is how ARA can help you provide the best service to your clients:

⦁ Alan Riley Associates’ fixed price service will help you to advise clients on costs. ARA provides free advice to architects and designers to put together fee proposals for clients.

⦁ Remember, party wall services do not have to be expensive. Talking to neighbors and avoiding conflicts and arguments early is cheaper than resolving them later. We are happy to talk to your clients to explain how to get the best outcome.

Our top tips:

⦁ Show relevant information about the neighbours’ property. Consider how your clients’ proposals will affect neighbouring properties at an early stage.

⦁ Make sure drawings are consistent. If a wall is shown astride the boundary on plan-make sure it is in the same position on the section.

⦁ Remember the Party Wall etc Act 1996 may refer to nearby excavations-not just work to a party wall.

⦁ Ensure that party wall notices are properly drafted and served at the right time.

⦁ When a client sells their property, solicitors acting for purchasers will ask for evidence that the Party Wall etc Act 1996 has been properly complied with. If not, this could delay or even frustrate a sale. If you have not properly advised your clients of their obligations under the Act, you could be liable for loss they suffer as a result. Why take the risk? It costs nothing to get Alan Riley Associates on the team!

⦁ The Party Wall etc Act 1996  is essentially a dispute resolution procedure-much cheaper than going to court. But if clients are given the right information to enable them to reach a party wall agreement with their neighbours, there is no need for a party wall award.

⦁ The Party Wall etc Act 1996 requires notice to be served on ‘adjoining owners’. Many owners will try to deal with party wall matters informally, but valid notices need to be served and any agreement needs to be in writing.

Please get in touch to discuss your clients’ proposals or email us a copy of the drawings. We will happily have a look at them at no cost and call you back to advise whether there are party wall issues, to discuss the best way forward and suggest anything that may help to get party wall matters sorted out quickly and economically.

Speak to Alan Riley FRICS MFPWS  on  020 8704 1952 or email: ariley@ic24.net for help and advice with serving party wall notices