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Alan Riley FRICS FFPWS is a specialist party wall surveyor in the Wimbledon area providing expert fixed price party wall services to homeowners, architects, developers and small businesses throughout South West London, West London and Surrey.

When work is carried out to party walls or close to a neighbouring property , the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 sets out the procedures to be adopted. The Party Wall etc Act 1996 requires that a party wall notice of work involving the party wall is given to adjoining owners. If the neighbouring property is divided into flats, a party wall notice must be served on the freeholders as well as leaseholders. If you are a building owner carrying out work to your property that falls within the scope of the Act or if you are an adjoining owner where your neighbour is carrying out work to their property, Alan Riley Associates can provide you with timely, economical expert advice to guide you through the requirements of the Act.


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Why choose Alan Riley Associates:

Alan Riley Associates has the experience to help you approach your neighbours to comply with the Act and deal with party wall matters in the most effective and economical way. We can help with a party wall agreement or a party wall award. We have a unique fixed price service and over the last 20 years have helped hundreds of clients with our party wall services. By approaching neighbours in the correct way, difficult situations and delay can be avoided.

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