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Not serving Notice and reasonable access

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at one of the consequences of not serving notice under the Act- solicitors’ searches. Another reason for serving notice is that, where notice has been given and the Act is triggered, the building owner has rights to do things which...

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The Case of the Careless Designer

It is a sad fact that contributors to consumer forums are more likely to criticise party wall surveyors as being an expensive irrelevance than praise them for a job well done. Yes, there are surveyors who charge too much, but it is worth looking at some of the reasons...

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The perils of employing incompetent contractors

How not to prop a wall!  Disaster strikes! We had a recent case in SW London where the owner of a house appointed a contractor to lower the level of their garden.  No structural engineer was appointed to design the works and no party wall surveyor had been...

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